Sunshine Coast Signs
Since 1977

Hand Painted Sign on Brick Wall

Vinyl Cut Sign on Side of Van

Hand Painted Sign on Brick Wall

Hand Painted Sign on Back of Building

Vehicle with Digital Signage

Scrolls Hand Painted on Side of Truck

Hand Painted Sign on a Boat

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Sunshine Coast Signs: Traditional Signwriting

Traditional handmade signwriting truly expresses one's individuality!

Traditional hand painted signs are also required on some mediums. Brickwork, material awnings and various other rough mediums dont lend themselves to "stick on" artwork.

"The Bull" hand painted sign

One of my favourite traditional signs

Large sign painted by hand on the side of a building. These signs on brick wall can only be done by hand. The brick texture does not lend well to vinyl stickers being adhered to it.

Scrolls are an important part of a good looking truck. These hand painted lines and scrolls add to the look of your truck. They last longer and look better than the computer cut vinyl signs of todays modern age. (We will do the vinyl versions) They also have the authentic look you cannot get from a vinyl cut.

Another hand painted truck. Full body artwork on these big rigs can make your truck stand out from the rest. It will also look better for longer, being hand painted You can expect al leat 10 years from a well maintained truck. Expect the vinyl counterparts to look scruffy after 5 years.

Attractive paintjob on a boat. Imagine how good your boat could look! We will paint on cars, shopfronts and virtually anything you could want artwork on. It's up to your imagination!